Where does the perfect pizza box come from? Try India

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Marco Werman: Scott Wiener describes himself as a professional pizza enthusiast. He leads pizza tours in New York, he writes for a pizza magazine, and he has six hundred and fifty pizza boxes in his Brooklyn Apartment. Six hundred and fifty empty pizza boxes from about forty-five different countries all in search of "the one". Scott Wiener: A pizza box has several challenges. It has to transport the pizza efficiently and easily without it being damaged, but it also has to retain heat. You can’t deliver a pizza that’s cold. It also has to get rid of moisture, because if moisture gets trapped in the inside the box you get a soggy crust, and most pizza boxes, 98.9 percent of pizza boxes just don't do those things, they don't even try. I have a box from Brazil. It's an octobox, it's an octagonal box that is really, I hate to say it, but it's a really dumb box. The lid is separate from the base and the base is coated in sort of like an aluminum foil, which the idea of that is to conduct some heat, but it doesn't really do a great job because the lid, it just has no ventilation and you're going to end up trapping all the steam anyway. It's one of the dumbest boxes that I have, but also one of the most exciting boxes that I have because it's so dumb. But I would say the strangest pizza box, if you could even call it that, is one that I was sent. I think it's actually a prototype. Somebody from Denmark sent it to me and it's an inflatable pizza tube. It almost looks like an inner-tube, like a toilet bowl seat. It's this circle with this clear plastic area on the inside and there are these tiny ventilation holes which theoretically would release steam, but when you put a piece in the box it's ridiculous. I mean you need a pump to inflate it. I mean I've been doing this for maybe ten seconds. I could have done two Dominoes boxes by now and I'm not even half the way there. I mean it make zero sense. At least they're trying to get steam out. Having those vent holes to get steam out is kinda the key which is my favorite pizza box is a box from India called the "VENTiT" box. It's a box that was created by a guy who's been in the corrugation business for thirty-five years and the idea is basically rearranging the production method of pizza boxes. Usually you have a corrugation process which combines an outer liner with a fluted medium and then an inner liner. We combine those three and then stamp through it and make holes. The problem is you could get contamination on the inside of the box. But in India, he decided he wanted to do a box which indirect ventilation. So instead of stamping the holes in the box when it was finished, he stamped the holes before the papers were joined together so that the holes don't line up. Heat is conducted continuously through this paper, but steam is released indirectly with no chance for contamination of the product that's on the inside of the box. And this is not something that the mom-and-pops are going to take up. Really if one of the big pizza companies pick this up it would be a monumental shift. Werman: You've got to vent. You've just got to. That's Scott Wiener, author of "Viva la Pizza -The Art of the Pizza Box". And we've got a gallery of some weird and wonderful pizza boxes from around the world at PRI.org.