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Alex Gallafent

Stories from Alex Gallafent

Alex Gallafent is a New York City-based correspondent whose reports for PRI’s The World have taken him to Swaziland, South Africa, the Brazilian Amazon, Turkey, Chile and the UAE. A former staff reporter and producer, he produced The World’s series on US presidential influence overseas in 2012. Alex’s radio career began with the BBC in London, where he produced flagship arts programs Front Row and Night Waves; Outlook; and the globe-spanning music show, Late Junction.

Alex is also a Design Lead at IDEO, and a composer/sound designer for theater on both sides of the Atlantic.

Recent Stories


A French chef's love letter to Brittany

Chef Dominique Crenn, owner of Atelier Crenn in San Francisco, is from Brittany. It's a place she holds dear and describes as very rustic, very raw. She says it's like a painting: It's cold, it's windy, it could be rainy at times — it's life in itself, nature in itself. There is nothing manicured about it.


Behold the fine-dining pastrami taco

Alex Stupak made his name as an award-winning experimental pastry chef and came of age during the time of so-called molecular gastronomy. But it was when he tried a fresh corn tortilla for the first time — when someone took fresh masa made from corn, and pressed it out by hand and put it on a hot griddle and served it to him immediately — that things changed.